Services : VAT Academy


VAT Company has educational programs that are adjusted to the specific needs of each Client. We supply efficient solutions to instruct up to date and highly competent professionals regarding all issues concerning VAT.

We collaborate with educational programs given to the Company’s employees, making a generic approach to concepts and principals, but always stressing the practical aspects supported on the pedagogic instrument that is the Case Study Method.

We give legal information, always current, and supply consultancy to the Companies concerning a broad band of tax issues. We also give various Educational Programs regarding Taxation, which may be adjusted in accordance with the needs of our clients.

[ Programa Seminário Prático I - Authorised Economic Operator (PDF) ]
[ Programa Seminário Prático II - VAT in the International Trade (PDF) ]
[ Programa Seminário Prático III - TAX Inspections: Problems and solutions, Know how to act! (PDF) ]
[ Programa Seminário Prático IV – Powers of the TAX Administration and rights of companies (PDF) ]